Nails Inc All The Shimmers Collection

2015-12-14 00.04.56

If there is one thing I cannot resist, it’s nail varnish. My continually expanding collection has become a joke among my friends, although they like to make use of it now and then!

In the Black Friday sales, I purchased the Nails Inc All That Shimmers Collection. This particular collection really stood out to me and I love a good sparkle. These are the old design for the bottles, which is why I imagine they were in the sale.

The collection includes 7 nail varnishes, from varying different collections that showcase a lot of styles. Each varnish is the standard 10ml capacity for a Nails Inc bottle.

One thing which let them down before I’d even tried them was the packaging, each was individually wrapped in bubblewrap, but I feel it would have been nice to have packaged them together into a kit.

The colours included are the following:2015-12-14 00.05.49

  • George Street – Nude pastel pink
  • St. Martin’s Place – Pink, silver and black glitter suspended in a nearly clear-pink liquid
  • Belvedere Road – Blue metallic shimmer

2015-12-14 00.05.57

  • Belgravia Place – Pink, white and red ‘fibres’
  • Trafalgar Crescent – Silver glitter suspended in a silver shimmer
  • Chelsea Bridge Road – Gold metallic ‘foil’
  • King Edward Street – Bright fire-truck red

With the exception of George Street, which requires two, all the varnishes only require one layer for full opacity (or enough glitter in terms of the glitter varnishes). Belvedere Road and Trafalgar Crescent have to be my favourites. I love the metallic shimmer of Belvedere Road, they’ve managed to create such an interesting blue-purple three-dimensional colour. Trafalgar Crescent isn’t suspended in a clear varnish like most glitter varnishes; instead there is an absolutely stunning silver gloss which, whilst not being opaque, adds a really interesting aspect to the varnish.


Left to Right: George Street, St Martin’s Place, Belvedere Road, Belgravia Place, Trafalgar Crescent, Chelsea Bridge Road, King Edward Street

Overall this is a great set, including two shimmer varnishes, 3 glitter and 2 normal opaques. There are some beautiful and unusual colours in here.

I paid £12.00 + £3.95 delivery.

Unfortunately this collection is no longer available but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on their website Nails Inc especially for the January Sales as I’m sure they’re going to be shifting a lot of their leftover stock of old bottle designs.



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