Primark Statement Necklaces


I recently popped into my local Primark and came away with two statement necklaces perfect for the festive season

This Pearl Linked Necklace is absolutely beautiful and looks far more expensive then it’s £5.00 price tag would suggest. It would look absolutely beautiful with a high-necked dress or a festive jumper. It’s chunky silver linking lends well to the shape and feel of the necklace.

At £4.00, this beaded plait necklace is even cheaper. It’s very chunky and the close-up detail is exquisite. It honestly looks so much more expensive, and has a very weighty feel. I sometimes find that Primark jewellery can feel a bit cheap but honestly the individual detailing and heftiness of this piece makes it feel anything but.

I would definitely recommend popping into Primark as there are so many beautiful pieces in their current season. These gorgeous necklaces will make fantastic statement jewellery for New Years Eve.



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