Star Wars Fashion

All the hype over Star Wars is something that I’m sure many are sick of, it’s definitely a love/loathe situation. I however am firmly in the love category and have been absolutely loving the variety of reasonably priced merchandise that is available to buy, and I think there are now some quite innovative designs currently available. Here are some of the highlights I’ve gathered:



Star Wars Jogging Bottoms £10.00 – I’m currently wearing these as I type and I can confirm they are incredibly comfy. These are really nice because they’re so understated, with lettering down just one side. I went a size down so they’re a nice snug fit.

Pink Stormtrooper Pants £2.50  – Pants. With stormtroopers on. These are adorable. Need I say more?



Star Wars Top £20.00 – A cropped tee with the classic image, the rolled sleeves save it from being dull

Star Wars Print Vest £18.00 – Yes this is a man’s vest but I love the style and the understated graphic print on it

Forever 21

Forever 21


Star Wars Graphic Bodysuit £15.00 – This is my absolute favourite item here. They’ve taken the theme and style and ran with it, creating a lovely item which I wouldn’t hesitate to wear on a night out

Dark Side Graphic Shorts £11.00 – These would be a staple bed-wear. as they look comfy and I love wearing boy-shorts and boxers to bed.


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