Models Own Chrome Cream Eyeshadow Palette

When the Models Own Chrome Palette caught my eye a month or two ago, I tried to do a bit of research into it and read some reviews but I wasn’t able to find that many. So I thought I’d do a little review of the palette.


For an inexpensive product, it’s nicely packaged, in a card sleeve. The actual palette is very small but nicely done, in a weighty rose-gold packaging which looks very pretty. There is a large compact mirror on the interior which is always a nice touch.


A brush is included, but I’m not personally a fan of foam ended brushes. In general for these cream eyeshadows, I’ve actually found applying with my fingers to be the most effective way of getting a decent amount onto my lids.


There are 6 shades inside, each weighing 1.6g. There are 3 silver-white/silver/grey shades and 3 gold/bronze/brown shades.

The white and silver shades have got the most use from me as they look lovely when lining the eyes on a night out, really making them pop. The gold is also a lovely bold colour. The bronze and brown are less unusual but are lovely to blend in.

Quite a lot of product is needed to really make them stand-out but they do look bold and vibrant once on.

One thing to be noted is that, as they are cream, it’s very difficult to apply liquid eyeliner over the top. I have to apply a transparent or appropriately coloured powder eyeshadow along the lashline which allows the eyeliner to then be drawn on.

Overall it’s definitely a nice palette to have on hand as it lends something a little different to the usual eyeshadow routine.

You can but it for £5.99 from Superdrug here


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