Primark Mini Haul

The other day I popped into town to pick up a skirt from H&M and got slightly side-tracked by Primark. I originally went in to look at the sale but got sidetracked pretty easily! I love a lot of Primark’s current items at the moment so couldn’t resist picking up a few bits.


These sequinned baubles are amazing! I love leftover christmas stock as you can get some really cute bargains. These are quite large, each one is about fist-sized. I’ve hung these on either end of my curtain rail and I love how they look! These cost me £1 for the twin-pack.

Contour x

When I spotted these contour pencils I couldn’t resist picking them up. I’ve only tried contour powders so I thought I’d give the pencils a go! For £3.00 you get A bronzer, shade and highlight pencil, working out at just £1.00 a pencil., which is great value. I can’t wait to give them a go!


A bit of boring one here but I do love cotton crop tops to wear at the gym or lounging around the house. I have a few of these and they are really comfy and a flattering fit so for £1.00 I grabbed this one too!


This bowler was £4.00. I do already own one but I like that this one has such a narrow rim as my one has quite a large one so I thought I’d mix it up for a bit of a variety. And for £4.00 you can’t really go wrong!


This mug actually features a design from one of my favourite artists. He does great pieces like this in bold colours and so when I saw this mug in Primark for £2.00 I snapped it up.


There are a couple of pairs of black Nike’s I’ve been eyeing up for a while for casual daywear but, as a student, I just don’t know whether I can justify spending £60+ on a pair of trainers. These cute trainers were £10.00 and I thought I’d pick them up to see if I would really get as much wear out of them during the day.


ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in Beeper

I have been wanting to try one of US brand’s ColourPop’s matte lip products for ages but as they only ship within the US I’ve never been able to. There are ways around this but I was too worried about getting struck by custom charges to bite the bullet. However, I recently found a seller on eBay and went for it.


The shade I ordered was Beeper, which is described on the website as a ‘warm mid-tone taupe’. This is one of the shades that has been speculated to be very similar to one of Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits, in this case her product Dolce. As I don’t own one of the Lip Kits (hello 30 second sell-out), I couldn’t tell you but there are plenty of comparison videos out there.

Although I’d looked at a lot of swatches online, the shade does dry a lot darker on me then I expected. I expected a nude with brown tones but on my skin tone it’s definetly a dark-brown. I do really like the shade, as it’s something a bit different and I would never have picked it up knowing it would be this dark as I tend to stick to nudes and reds. I think this is good though, as it means that, however accidentally, I’ve stumbled out of my comfort-zone.

It is matte and drys quite quickly when applied. There is no transference and I found it lasted a good amount of time. I topped it up once during the day after eating and there was a bit of wear around the corners of the mouth but it still stayed really pigmented. Although it’s matte, it still has quite a creamy texture which I love as I hate the feeling of a dry product on the lips.

One thing I would definitely recommend doing with this (and most matte lip products) is exfoliating your lips beforehand . I forgot to do so before applying the lipstick and did start to get little bits on my lips and they were noticeable within an hour or two.  Reapplying definitely helped but it did feel quite crumbly on my lips without exfoliation.

I think these are a great product and I would definitely try some more, but unfortunately living in the UK makes these are slightly more luxury product than if I was to live in the US.

You can buy Beeper online here from the ColourPop website for $6.00, which is £4.05.

I brought online from an eBay seller here for £12.95.

Yes, the price difference makes me cry a little but I would recommend giving them a go if you love a matte lip!