Primark Mini Haul

The other day I popped into town to pick up a skirt from H&M and got slightly side-tracked by Primark. I originally went in to look at the sale but got sidetracked pretty easily! I love a lot of Primark’s current items at the moment so couldn’t resist picking up a few bits.


These sequinned baubles are amazing! I love leftover christmas stock as you can get some really cute bargains. These are quite large, each one is about fist-sized. I’ve hung these on either end of my curtain rail and I love how they look! These cost me £1 for the twin-pack.

Contour x

When I spotted these contour pencils I couldn’t resist picking them up. I’ve only tried contour powders so I thought I’d give the pencils a go! For £3.00 you get A bronzer, shade and highlight pencil, working out at just £1.00 a pencil., which is great value. I can’t wait to give them a go!


A bit of boring one here but I do love cotton crop tops to wear at the gym or lounging around the house. I have a few of these and they are really comfy and a flattering fit so for £1.00 I grabbed this one too!


This bowler was £4.00. I do already own one but I like that this one has such a narrow rim as my one has quite a large one so I thought I’d mix it up for a bit of a variety. And for £4.00 you can’t really go wrong!


This mug actually features a design from one of my favourite artists. He does great pieces like this in bold colours and so when I saw this mug in Primark for £2.00 I snapped it up.


There are a couple of pairs of black Nike’s I’ve been eyeing up for a while for casual daywear but, as a student, I just don’t know whether I can justify spending £60+ on a pair of trainers. These cute trainers were £10.00 and I thought I’d pick them up to see if I would really get as much wear out of them during the day.


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