Degustabox April

Today my April Degustabox arrived! The Degustabox team aim to introduce costumers to new grocery products through their monthly subscription box.

The packaging is really nice, with the external box decorated with all sorts of foodie items. Inside I was greeted with a whole host of goodies.

Within my April box I received 13 items and a recipe card, which also has a breakdown of all the products included in the box.


Vetee Microwaveable Rice, one Basmati Rice (£1.29), one Wholegrain Rice & Quinoa (£1.49)

I’m actually really not a rice person, I’ve never been a big fan and I can’t eat the white rice anyway regardless due to health reasons. I’m keen to try the brown rice though and I like that it’s gluten-free. I like that Degustabox have provided two different alternatives to try.

Levi Roots Coat n Cook Sauce (£1.00)

I was really happy to see this in here as I’ve heard really good things about these marinades. There are 3 available heats, hot, medium and mild and I’m an absolute wimp when it comes to heat in my food. I received the hot and I feel it would have been better for Degustabox to have included the Medium as that would have been a good middle-ground as unfortunately I know this is going to be way too spicy for me.


Popchips (1.99)

These sound so good and I like that Degustabox have included a healthier alternative to most everyday foods. I can’t wait to tuck into these!

Parle Rusks (£0.89)

These are small pieces of toast, along the line of melba toasts. This is a massive packet and I look forward to trying these for a mid-day snack.


Bebeto Fruit Strings (£1.99)

These are marketed as a kind of healthy fruit sweet. Whilst I always think any sort of concentrated fruit juice obviously isn’t going to be particularly healthy, these will be nice for a small occasional snack. The flavour isn’t quite there for these, you can taste the fruit but it’s so faint!

Smarties Bar (£1.29) and Milkybar (£1.00)

These sweet treats will be devoured very quickly I can assure you! I’m interested to try the Milkybar ‘Milk & Crunchy’ as I haven’t seen these before and I love white chocolate.

Parle-G Biscuits (£0.25)

According to the information card in the box, these are the largest-selling biscuit brand in the world! They taste a bit like malted milk biscuits. My pack was a bit battered and broken but they tasted just as good!


Canderel Sugarly (£3.00)

This sweetener  has 0 calories and is apparently a good alternative to sugar. I don’t drink tea or coffee, purely because I don’t like the taste so obviously the main use for this is isn’t for me. However the product card suggests using it in cereals and baking so I’m going to try it on my morning porridge.

Green Lady green tea drink (£1.99)

This isn’t something at all up my alley. I’ve tried it and I honestly think it tastes disgusting unfortunately.

Pimm’s Cider Cup (£2.29)

Now this is something that’s certainly to my taste! This bottle of cider has the classic elements of Pimm’s and is strawberry and cucumber flavoured. I’ve had these before and really like them but I also know people who don’t so it’s definitely one to give a try.

Rejuvenation Water (£1.99)

The flavour I received is Apple & Mint and I was happy to see this in the box. These waters are enriched with amino acids for a healthier lifestyle. I’m interested to try the drink as the flavour combination isn’t something I’d immediately put together. I love trying health drinks like this but I always think they are overly expensive for what they are.

Overall thoughts

I felt that there was a good range of products within the box this month, although I would have liked to have seen a few more health food products as I felt that there was an unbalance between the sweet snack in the box. Whilst some of the products aren’t to my personal taste, the box has introduced me to some new food and drinks which I’m really interested to try!

The total value of April’s box is £20.46

The usual cost of a box is £12.99, however for your first box you can try the service for £6.99



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