Degustabox April

Today my April Degustabox arrived! The Degustabox team aim to introduce costumers to new grocery products through their monthly subscription box.

The packaging is really nice, with the external box decorated with all sorts of foodie items. Inside I was greeted with a whole host of goodies.

Within my April box I received 13 items and a recipe card, which also has a breakdown of all the products included in the box.


Vetee Microwaveable Rice, one Basmati Rice (£1.29), one Wholegrain Rice & Quinoa (£1.49)

I’m actually really not a rice person, I’ve never been a big fan and I can’t eat the white rice anyway regardless due to health reasons. I’m keen to try the brown rice though and I like that it’s gluten-free. I like that Degustabox have provided two different alternatives to try.

Levi Roots Coat n Cook Sauce (£1.00)

I was really happy to see this in here as I’ve heard really good things about these marinades. There are 3 available heats, hot, medium and mild and I’m an absolute wimp when it comes to heat in my food. I received the hot and I feel it would have been better for Degustabox to have included the Medium as that would have been a good middle-ground as unfortunately I know this is going to be way too spicy for me.


Popchips (1.99)

These sound so good and I like that Degustabox have included a healthier alternative to most everyday foods. I can’t wait to tuck into these!

Parle Rusks (£0.89)

These are small pieces of toast, along the line of melba toasts. This is a massive packet and I look forward to trying these for a mid-day snack.


Bebeto Fruit Strings (£1.99)

These are marketed as a kind of healthy fruit sweet. Whilst I always think any sort of concentrated fruit juice obviously isn’t going to be particularly healthy, these will be nice for a small occasional snack. The flavour isn’t quite there for these, you can taste the fruit but it’s so faint!

Smarties Bar (£1.29) and Milkybar (£1.00)

These sweet treats will be devoured very quickly I can assure you! I’m interested to try the Milkybar ‘Milk & Crunchy’ as I haven’t seen these before and I love white chocolate.

Parle-G Biscuits (£0.25)

According to the information card in the box, these are the largest-selling biscuit brand in the world! They taste a bit like malted milk biscuits. My pack was a bit battered and broken but they tasted just as good!


Canderel Sugarly (£3.00)

This sweetener  has 0 calories and is apparently a good alternative to sugar. I don’t drink tea or coffee, purely because I don’t like the taste so obviously the main use for this is isn’t for me. However the product card suggests using it in cereals and baking so I’m going to try it on my morning porridge.

Green Lady green tea drink (£1.99)

This isn’t something at all up my alley. I’ve tried it and I honestly think it tastes disgusting unfortunately.

Pimm’s Cider Cup (£2.29)

Now this is something that’s certainly to my taste! This bottle of cider has the classic elements of Pimm’s and is strawberry and cucumber flavoured. I’ve had these before and really like them but I also know people who don’t so it’s definitely one to give a try.

Rejuvenation Water (£1.99)

The flavour I received is Apple & Mint and I was happy to see this in the box. These waters are enriched with amino acids for a healthier lifestyle. I’m interested to try the drink as the flavour combination isn’t something I’d immediately put together. I love trying health drinks like this but I always think they are overly expensive for what they are.

Overall thoughts

I felt that there was a good range of products within the box this month, although I would have liked to have seen a few more health food products as I felt that there was an unbalance between the sweet snack in the box. Whilst some of the products aren’t to my personal taste, the box has introduced me to some new food and drinks which I’m really interested to try!

The total value of April’s box is £20.46

The usual cost of a box is £12.99, however for your first box you can try the service for £6.99



Primark Mini Haul

The other day I popped into town to pick up a skirt from H&M and got slightly side-tracked by Primark. I originally went in to look at the sale but got sidetracked pretty easily! I love a lot of Primark’s current items at the moment so couldn’t resist picking up a few bits.


These sequinned baubles are amazing! I love leftover christmas stock as you can get some really cute bargains. These are quite large, each one is about fist-sized. I’ve hung these on either end of my curtain rail and I love how they look! These cost me £1 for the twin-pack.

Contour x

When I spotted these contour pencils I couldn’t resist picking them up. I’ve only tried contour powders so I thought I’d give the pencils a go! For £3.00 you get A bronzer, shade and highlight pencil, working out at just £1.00 a pencil., which is great value. I can’t wait to give them a go!


A bit of boring one here but I do love cotton crop tops to wear at the gym or lounging around the house. I have a few of these and they are really comfy and a flattering fit so for £1.00 I grabbed this one too!


This bowler was £4.00. I do already own one but I like that this one has such a narrow rim as my one has quite a large one so I thought I’d mix it up for a bit of a variety. And for £4.00 you can’t really go wrong!


This mug actually features a design from one of my favourite artists. He does great pieces like this in bold colours and so when I saw this mug in Primark for £2.00 I snapped it up.


There are a couple of pairs of black Nike’s I’ve been eyeing up for a while for casual daywear but, as a student, I just don’t know whether I can justify spending £60+ on a pair of trainers. These cute trainers were £10.00 and I thought I’d pick them up to see if I would really get as much wear out of them during the day.

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in Beeper

I have been wanting to try one of US brand’s ColourPop’s matte lip products for ages but as they only ship within the US I’ve never been able to. There are ways around this but I was too worried about getting struck by custom charges to bite the bullet. However, I recently found a seller on eBay and went for it.


The shade I ordered was Beeper, which is described on the website as a ‘warm mid-tone taupe’. This is one of the shades that has been speculated to be very similar to one of Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits, in this case her product Dolce. As I don’t own one of the Lip Kits (hello 30 second sell-out), I couldn’t tell you but there are plenty of comparison videos out there.

Although I’d looked at a lot of swatches online, the shade does dry a lot darker on me then I expected. I expected a nude with brown tones but on my skin tone it’s definetly a dark-brown. I do really like the shade, as it’s something a bit different and I would never have picked it up knowing it would be this dark as I tend to stick to nudes and reds. I think this is good though, as it means that, however accidentally, I’ve stumbled out of my comfort-zone.

It is matte and drys quite quickly when applied. There is no transference and I found it lasted a good amount of time. I topped it up once during the day after eating and there was a bit of wear around the corners of the mouth but it still stayed really pigmented. Although it’s matte, it still has quite a creamy texture which I love as I hate the feeling of a dry product on the lips.

One thing I would definitely recommend doing with this (and most matte lip products) is exfoliating your lips beforehand . I forgot to do so before applying the lipstick and did start to get little bits on my lips and they were noticeable within an hour or two.  Reapplying definitely helped but it did feel quite crumbly on my lips without exfoliation.

I think these are a great product and I would definitely try some more, but unfortunately living in the UK makes these are slightly more luxury product than if I was to live in the US.

You can buy Beeper online here from the ColourPop website for $6.00, which is £4.05.

I brought online from an eBay seller here for £12.95.

Yes, the price difference makes me cry a little but I would recommend giving them a go if you love a matte lip!

KIKO Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick

I recently received a KIKO eyeshadow stick in the December You Beauty Discovery box. I adore KIKO cosmetics and my collection has grown massively since they opened a store near me in Guildford a few years ago. I’ve seen the eyeshadow sticks in store before but have never taken the step to buying one, so I was delighted to receive one.

2015-12-22 20.25.082015-12-22 20.25.26

The tube is very sleek, and the matte black gives it a very expensive feel.

The domed end is perfect for applying to the lid, and the nib isn’t too large so you’re able to cover the entire lid with ease.

I’ve always been a bit apprehensive with cream eyeshadows as, in my experience they tend to transfer quite easily around the eye.

2015-12-22 20.26.45

The colour I received was shade 05 – Rose Brown. It’s a bronze colour with red undertones, with silver glitter. The glitter isn’t overpowering, more it just gives a faint glimmer to the eye. Who can resist a bit of extra sparkle?

The eyeshadow blends out quite easily without losing much pigment, so it would be good to blend into another darker shade.

The claim is that it lasts for 8 hours. It faded slightly over the day but the colour was still fairly intense. Although I didn’t find that it transfers too much, it remained waxy for a long time and I personally really don’t like the feel of that on my lids. It made the creases of my lids very sticky and I kept on feeling like it was moving around. Dusting a powder eyeshadow around the creases will probably be the best solution as I cannot stand the waxy feeling.


You can purchase the KIKO Eyeshadow Sticks for £6.90 here

Topshop December Wishlist


I usually have a very love/hate relationship with Topshop, however whilst doing my Christmas shopping last week, I popped in and promptly fell for everything in there. So here is just a few off my current lust list, and fingers crossed for some good January sales!

Satin Crepe Pleat Midi Skirt – This beautiful pastel blue midi-skirt is definitely more appropriate for Spring but I’m already eyeing it up!

Glitter Velvet Bodysuit – This just screams New Years Eve to me

Lincoln Embellished Tee – I love a comfy t-shirt to lounge around the house in, and I especially like the irony that it has the words ‘Phys. Ed.’, which is the last thing I’ll be doing in it

Biker Mesh Ponte Legging – I practically live in leggings, so I love a smartened-up version, plus the mesh sells it for me

Versaille Brushed Sweatshirt – Oh cosy jumpers, how I love you

Harriett Stud Strap Boots – These are a bit pricey but they’re real leather and would do wonders to improve an outfit. I love the studs running down the side

Bandage Insert Bralet – I’m not entirely sure I’d be able to wear a bra with this but it’s a comfy dressed-up top

Cross Over Cut Out Maxi Dress – Oh hey pretty yet totally impractical dress which I would never have anywhere to wear to but I want!!



Models Own Chrome Cream Eyeshadow Palette

When the Models Own Chrome Palette caught my eye a month or two ago, I tried to do a bit of research into it and read some reviews but I wasn’t able to find that many. So I thought I’d do a little review of the palette.


For an inexpensive product, it’s nicely packaged, in a card sleeve. The actual palette is very small but nicely done, in a weighty rose-gold packaging which looks very pretty. There is a large compact mirror on the interior which is always a nice touch.


A brush is included, but I’m not personally a fan of foam ended brushes. In general for these cream eyeshadows, I’ve actually found applying with my fingers to be the most effective way of getting a decent amount onto my lids.


There are 6 shades inside, each weighing 1.6g. There are 3 silver-white/silver/grey shades and 3 gold/bronze/brown shades.

The white and silver shades have got the most use from me as they look lovely when lining the eyes on a night out, really making them pop. The gold is also a lovely bold colour. The bronze and brown are less unusual but are lovely to blend in.

Quite a lot of product is needed to really make them stand-out but they do look bold and vibrant once on.

One thing to be noted is that, as they are cream, it’s very difficult to apply liquid eyeliner over the top. I have to apply a transparent or appropriately coloured powder eyeshadow along the lashline which allows the eyeliner to then be drawn on.

Overall it’s definitely a nice palette to have on hand as it lends something a little different to the usual eyeshadow routine.

You can but it for £5.99 from Superdrug here

Gift Hamper For Her

2015-12-21 23.04.47

When it comes to Christmas and birthdays, for my mum I love to make beauty hampers. They’re relatively easy to make and make a great tailored gift.

My go-to shops for making up these hampers are Superdrug, TK Maxx and Boots, as well as supermarkets as they often have a great selection of discounted products.

TK Maxx is fantastic for what would otherwise be pricier products. I got the Argan Oil Elixir and Green Tea face masks for better than half the price.

Body Shop sales are great to get items from as everyone knows the brand and they are always good quality.Little items like Shea Handcream are practical as they can just be popped in a bag.

I like to get smaller filler products and bodycare from Superdrug and Boots. They are affordable and you can get individual items such as the Sanctuary Salt Scrub Sachet

My mum doesn’t wear a lot of makeup so I tend to cater more for skincare. I do like to slip in an inexpensive lipstick, like a nude MUA lipstick

Unwanted unused beauty box products are perfect as they can be gifted to someone who would use them. The Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster is from a You Beauty Discovery Box and worth £18.00 alone. It’s not something I would personally use but I know my mum will love it!

Perfume samples are also a lovely addition as they give the recipient a chance to try out new scents.

I use leftover beauty boxes to gift them in. They’re always very pretty and presentable, this particular one is a Cohorted box, and I’ve used the filling that came with it.

The total value of my box is about £56, although a lot of this value is made up of beauty box items. I spent around £30.00 putting everything together.

I think these are fantastic personal gifts and would appeal to most people

2015-12-21 23.06.30